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This community is all about sharing. This can be a few lines of code, or even complete components.
Everything that has to do with Uniface.
You can just take and use the souces, add your contribution or both. All is open-source and free (as in beer)
We use Gitlab to share the products. You don’t have to know much about Git or Gitlab, though. Want to read more, please visit our community website.

We have two main projects: fundamentals and evolution


This is the project where you can find all the information needed to join this community. This is the only project without any line of Uniface coding!
If you want to add a contribution, this is the project to visit.

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This is the starting point for every new project. More than a complete development environment. It’s everything.
You can just take this project as a zip file, follow the provided information to start with a fresh Uniface project.
Everything here is open source.

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The rest of the projects are split into a few groups.


Sometimes a sample may help you in your work. In this group we share samples.
They are all well documented, but you can also download the sample and import them in your own development environment.
All components have a ‘OUC_sample’ prefix to distinguish them from your own components.

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We all use tools to help us in our development process. Why not share these tools?
Just download the tool you like.

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Add ons

Before building a function, just see if someone else already has.
Or, after you’d build one, simply share to help others.
Sounds too easy, isn’t it. Remember to start your components with a ‘UOC_addon’ prefix!

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Read about our thoughts

Uniface 10.3

The version to go for

published on: September 24, 2018
time to read: 3 minutes

In case you’ve missed the summer’s exciting news from Uniface headquarters, Uniface 10.3 has now arrived. I’ve already been working with this new version for a while, initially using a couple of pre-releases, but then for the past few weeks the live release.…

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How to install a local Uniface environment

Putting it all together: the complete story

published on: March 16, 2018
time to read: 5 minutes

Did you ever prepare a fancy dish? Cooking like a chef does look very complicated. And without a recipe it is. But once you have bought all the ingredients and follow the recipe, everyone can do it.…

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AI first

Focus on the right stuff

published on: February 26, 2018
time to read: 7 minutes

For a long time ‘mobile first’ was our, software developers, paradigm. Every new application should not only take the mobile user into account, but focus on mobile use as the primary device.…

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Tiny Noticeable Things

It are the tiny things that count

published on: February 7, 2018
time to read: 3 minutes

Once I attended a conference where I heard a keynote speaker, Adrian Webster, speak about Tiny Noticeable Things. He called them TNT’s. From that day I am aware of these TNT’s in my live.…

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What is keeping me?

About an experienced developer in a brand new world

published on: January 24, 2018
time to read: 2 minutes

There is always a reason to wait for the next best moment. Regardless of the subject. Adding a bit more detail, reshape it, waiting for a miracle to happen, etc.…

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Building a Uniface 10 deployment environment

How to test your web and mobile apps

published on: December 18, 2017
time to read: 10 minutes

Creating your own development environment is quiet easy as I’ve shown you before in previous articles. You only need to install Uniface and setup a development environment. That’s it! The first time this will take you half a hour, every next within a minute.…

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Do you want to contribute?

We appreciate your visit to this website. When you want to contribute to our work, there are 3 ways how you can help.

1. Use

All products here have a very high quality and are well documented. You can just download and use them.

If you make any modifications or redistribute our software, you must pay respect to the developers. This by leaving all comments and references to this community and the original developers in it. This is according to the license we use.

2. Return / share

When you make modifications to our products you may want to share these with the community.

Maybe you have something to share with the community ourself. You are free to add your contributions to the community.

Just take a look on our Gitlab domain to find all the info you need. How to Contribute

3. Hire

All developers here share their work for free. Some of them are self-employed.

When you want to use the code and need to make changes to it, maybe it's a great idea to hire the original developer to make these modifications.

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